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Fixing memory leaks on your Palworld Dedicated Server

Fix issues relating to OOM (Out Of Memory) crashes for your Palworld Dedicated Server

It's no secret that Palworld is awesome but it is unfortunately also a new kid on the block so it has quite a few issues with it, one of which servers running out of memory quickly.
This is due to a memory leak with the game, this article will go through all the known causes for memory leaks and help you patch them! Using the Physgun Gamepanel makes this process even easier!

Disabling bEnableInvaderEnemy

At the moment it is believed that bEnableInvaderEnemy is currently causing a lot of memory usage leading to early Out Of Memory crashes for Palworld Dedicated Servers.

To disable this simply follow these instructions:

Visit Your Server in the Physgun Gamepanel
Navigate to Configuration > Palworld Configuration
Search for B Enable Invader Enemy in the Configuration tab (You can do this by using CTRL + F in your browser)
Disable B Enable Invader Enemy
Disabling bEnableInvaderEnemy on your Palworld Dedicated Server
Save your changes!

Afterwords this should hopefully help significantly reduce the amount of memory usage on your Palworld Dedicated Server!

Automatic restarts

Automatic restarts at this point are pretty required due to the game constantly using memory overtime, however with the Physgun Gamepanel we got you covered!

Current recommended restart cycles:
16GB RAM, 8 Users every 8 Hours.
32GB RAM, 16 Users Every 12 Hours
32GB RAM, 8 Users Every 24 Hours

These steps below will show you how to create an automatic restart schedule!

Visit Your Server in the Physgun Gamepanel
Navigate to Configuration > Schedules
Click Create to create a new schedule
Set Minute to 0
Set Hour to */{HOUR}
Replace {HOUR} with however many hours you'd like to have the server restart, example for 6 hours: */6
Creating a 6 hour automatic restart for your Palworld Dedicated Server
Click Submit to continue
Click Create Task at the top right
Set Action to Send power option
Set Payload to Restart the server
Adding a task to the scheduler
Click Submit to save
You're done! Your Palworld Dedicated Server will now automatically restart, this will help stop any memory buildup before it hard crashes!

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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