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Getting your Rust server on the Server List

😕 Server not appearing on the server list? Lets fix that.

When you create a new Rust server for the first time it can take a long while for the master list to actually query the server.

This method will make the Steam master list recognize your server faster than searching for it in-game.
This method is not required to make your server appear however it will make it appear faster than waiting for it to propagate on the Rust master list by itself if it is not already on there.

🔍 Querying the server in the Steam Server List

We're going to use the Steam Server List built into your Steam client to force the server into the master list faster than it will be queried in Rust.

Follow the steps below to get your server to appear in the server list:
Open your Steam Client
At the Top Left of your Steam Client click on View
Click on Game Servers
Clicking on Game Servers in the Steam Client
Once the Game Servers menu is opened click on the -- Select game -- dropdown
Click on Rust
Selecting Rust as the game to query
Click on Change Filters to show the filters
Enter your Hostname in the Server Name box (our server hostname is: | Game hosting, perfected)
(You can use an impartially complete name, for example we only put in the Server Name box)
Then click on the Search icon
Searching for your server in the Game Servers list
Give it a while, once your server appears Right Click it and click Add To Favorites
Adding your server to your Favorites
Restart your Rust Client if you had it opened
Click on PLAY GAME
Uncheck Use Cache
Check Show Empty
Go to Favourited and then click Refresh on the bottom
Viewing your server in the Rust Server List
You're done! You should see your server in the list, make sure to join it and stay in the server for a while to boost its rank a little bit.

That's it! Your server should be on the server list.
If you are using Physgun you should notice your server has extremely low ping, this is a benefit to using Physgun Servers ✨

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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