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Setting up the server.cfg for your Rust Server

Setting up your server.cfg to configure your Rust Server

This is essential if you want to use special characters in the server name or description. You can't use special characters in the Server Options but you can use the server.cfg which will override the Server Options.

Do NOT edit the serverauto.cfg this file will automatically reset back to default if edited!

Creating the server.cfg file

By default this file is not created and we'll need to create it, using the Physgun Panel this is very simple.

Go to the /home/container/server/rust/cfg directory
Click the New File button
Name the file server.cfg and paste your desired values into it
Click "Save File" and you're done!

If you're trying to set your server display name on the server list and the description this is what it would look like below:
server.hostname "This is my epic Physgun Rust Server | 40x | Epicness"
server.description "This is my epic server \n and when I use the `\n` line it will create a new line in the description!"

Updated on: 09/08/2023

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