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How to add Mods to your Minecraft Server

Installing Mods onto your Minecraft server for all versions of Forge/Fabric!

Installing mods is super simple! With the Physgun Gamepanel it's even more simple!

Should you need further assistance feel free to visit our discord at: - and our community will be-able to help you!

Installing Forge or Fabric onto your server

Every mod requires a mod loader, the most popular are Forge and Fabric depending on which mods you are using you will want to use one of these mod loaders.

To install Forge or Fabric onto your server quick and easy simply follow the steps below:

Visit Your Server in the Physgun Gamepanel
Navigate to Configuration > Server Actions
You can now install your desired Forge / Fabric versions in the Install Different Edition tool!
For Edition: Select either Forge or Fabric (whichever your mods require)
For Version: The first version is the Minecraft Version after the slash is the Forge/Fabric version
Only Format if you want a clean install of the server
Using the Physgun Jar Manager
Click "Install Different Version" to start the installation
After your Forge or Fabric has been installed Start the server once and accept the EULA, this generates the appropriate folders.

Now you have Forge or Fabric installed onto your server!
You can now install mods onto your server quick and easy.

Uploading the mods to your mods/ folder

Now that you have Forge or Fabric installed we're going to need some mods to install!
There are a couple sites to choose from such as Curseforge or Modrith we'll have instructions on how to download and add mods for both!

Downloading mods from Curseforge

Curseforge is one of the more larger sites people use to download mods from!
Follow the steps below on how to install mods from Curseforge:

Visit CurseForge's MC Mod Page
On the left side under Mod Loaders pick either Forge or Fabric depending on which Mod Loader you are using
On the left side under Game Version pick the Minecraft version you are looking for
Search for the mods you want to add onto your server! In this example we will be using Waystones
On the mod page click the Files tab at the top and you can use the Filtered by setting to filter the proper game version and mod loader
Click on the mod version you wish to download and click the Download button (do NOT click the orange "Install" button)
Downloading the Waystones mod
Now before we continue some (not all) mods have required dependencies that must be installed along side the mods themselves!
To find dependencies simply click the Relations tab
Locating dependencies for mods
Simply follow the same directions above to download the proper mod
Now that we have both the mod and its dependency all we have to do is upload the .jar file into the mods/ folder on our server!
Once that is done simply restart the server and the mods will now be installed onto your server!

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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