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How to add ModPacks to your Minecraft Server

📦 Adding ModPacks onto your Minecraft Server easy!

Modpacks such as All The Mods (ATM), Better MC, Cobblemon, etc.. are lots of fun setting them up is incredibly simple using Physgun!
This article will help you install modpacks step by step with ease using the Physgun Gamepanel!

🧰 Installing Forge or Fabric onto your server

Every modpack requires a mod loader, you will want to install the proper one such as Forge or Fabric with the correct version of Minecraft.

To install Forge or Fabric onto your server quick and easy simply follow the steps below:

Visit Your Server in the Physgun Gamepanel
Navigate to Configuration > Server Actions
You can now install your desired Forge / Fabric versions in the Install Different Edition tool!
For Edition: Select either Forge or Fabric (whichever your mods require)
For Version: The first version is the Minecraft Version after the slash is the Forge/Fabric version
Only Format if you want a clean install of the server
Using the Physgun Jar Manager
Click "Install Different Version" to start the installation
After your Forge or Fabric has been installed Start the server once and accept the EULA, this generates the appropriate folders.

Now you have Forge or Fabric installed onto your server!
You can now install mods onto your server quick and easy.

📁 Installing the ModPack onto your MC Server

Now that we have Forge or Fabric installed we will go ahead and find the ModPack we want to use!
Most ModPacks are located on Curseforge - however this guide works pretty universally for any modpack!

In this example we will be installing All The Mods 8. However like we mentioned before you can use this guide for basically any other modpack!

Visit the ModPack page on CurseForge
Click on Files
Click on which ModPack version you desire
Scroll and click on Additional Files
Click on the Server Files (these may be named different simply look for server files or similar)
Click on the Download button (do NOT click the Install button)
Navigating to the server files page

Now you should have a compressed archive (.zip) of your desired modpacks' server files!

Before continuing please ensure you are connected to your server via SFTP - we have a guide for it here

We're going to go ahead and extract the files and re-compress them so we can plop them into the server and extract them later properly.
This is much quicker than transferring every file individually.

Right Click your ModPack and click Extract All...
Click through the folders until you find the folder that contains the mods folder (it will likely also have other folders as-well)
Select All the files and folders inside that folder then click Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder
Compressing the modpack
Now you will have a zip file, likely named after the first file in the list. We're going to plop this into our server!
Open your SFTP client and drop your .zip file into the root directory of your server.
Uploading the modpack to your Physgun Server
Wait until the upload is complete before proceeding!
Navigate to Your Server in the Physgun Gamepanel
Navigate through to Management > File Manager
Find your .zip file then click on the ... button followed by clicking on the Decompress button.
Decompressing the modpack into the server!
Wait a little bit (if it does not do anything that means it's loading, it will tell you if it fails) until the File Manager refreshes and tells you it finished

Now you're done! Your ModPack should be installed onto your Minecraft Server! Simply start up your server and enjoy your new modpack!

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Updated on: 28/06/2024

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