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How to use and connect to SFTP

🗂️ Managing your servers files with SFTP

SFTP is short for Secure File Transfer Protocol (very similar to FTP but secure!). It may seem a bit intimidating at first to use but it is incredibly easy, we'll be going over how to setup and use an SFTP client so you can manage your server files easily!

🚛 Installing WinSCP

WinSCP is our recommended option for using SFTP as it completely supports the protocol and is incredibly easy to use!
Simply follow the steps below to install WinSCP!

Visit The WinSCP Download Page (Direct Download)
Complete the setup process
That's it! Now all we have to do is connect to your server, simply follow the next section below.

🔌 Connecting to your Game Server

Now we're going to connect your WinSCP client to your game server so you can modify and move files with ease and no size limitations!

Navigate to the Physgun Gamepanel and go to Your Server
Navigate to System > SFTP Details
Click on Launch SFTP to instantly connect to your server
Clicking "Launch SFTP"
Enter your Gamepanel Password password

You're done! You can now easily move, and modify your server files without any limitations!

Updated on: 28/06/2024

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