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How to setup auto restart

Automatic restarts made easy with Physgun

Automatic restarts are amazing for keeping your server running properly, ever so slowly any server will build up more and more memory usage but after a quick restart it will prevent a massive buildup of memory.

Using Physgun’s amazing gamepanel you can easily setup these automatic restarts with no hassle!

Visiting the scheduler in your gamepanel

When you visit the gamepanel click on your server, then on the left under “Configuration” you will see the “Schedules” tab!

Navigating to the scheduler on the Physgun Gamepanel

Creating a new schedule

Creating a new schedule is super easy, just click on the “Create” button at the top right of the scheduler page.

Once the page is opened you should see a popup appear with a variety of options! In the picture below I’m creating a schedule for every 12 hours.

Creating a schedule using Physgun's Scheduler

Tasking the scheduler to execute commands

Now that our schedule is created we must make a task for it to run whenever it triggers!

You can make a multitude of things happen such as have the server announce before a restart happens so players are prepared! We’re going to create 2 messages before the restart in the picture below.

Creating a task to send a command to inform players of a restart

Now when the scheduler triggers a message will immediately appear in chat saying the server is restarting in 1 minute. Let’s create one more with a delay of 50 seconds to warn players the server is restarting in 10 seconds.

Creating another task to send a command to inform players of a restart

After 50 seconds from the first message this one will appear letting players know the server will restart in 10 seconds. Now we can add one more task 10 seconds later to run the restart action!

Creating the last task to automatically restart the server

This should be our final action, sending the Power Action of restart will tell the server to restart gracefully!

###You’re done!
Now your server should have automatic restarts, you can configure the scheduler however you like afterwords too! You can even make multiple schedules!

Our scheduler after the automatic restart looks something like this:

Automatic restart using Physgun's Scheduler

Tip: You can create more advanced automatic commands using the scheduler!

Updated on: 17/04/2023

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