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Upgrading your Physgun Game Server

How to Upgrade your Game Server

Whether you need more backup space, more storage, more CPU, RAM or anything really you can upgrade almost everything on your Physgun server!

Upgrading RAM / Backup Space / Storage

From the client portal we try to make all of our services quick and easy to upgrade without a hassle, below will show you how to upgrade from the client portal!

Visit and login to your account
Find the service you wish to upgrade and click View Details
Going to the service you wish to upgrade
Once you are on the service page, click on Upgrade/Downgrade Options in the bottom left
Clicking on "Upgrade/Downgrade Options"

Now you can choose which options you'd like to configure! Depending on the package you can configure: RAM, CPU, Backup Space, and Storage!

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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