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Changing the playerslots on your Garry's Mod Server

How to change the max player slots for your Garry's Mod Server

With Physgun we do not limit you to slots, so you can choose however many player slots you want opened (max is 128, set by the game).

The process of changing how many player slots your server has is very easy and simple with Physgun's Gamepanel!

Changing slots in Startup Parameters

First you'll want to navigate to the Startup Parameters you can find them on the left sidebar under Configuration > Startup Parameters

Once you are at your Startup Parameters simply find a box named "Max Players"
After that click the box and enter any number you'd like (remember max is 128, set by the game)
Finally just simply restart your server and your new player slot limit will be set!

You're done

Simple and painless! The best part about Physgun is we do not charge for slots! You buy the resources you use and from there you can change your server however you wish!

Updated on: 20/04/2023

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