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Setting the tickrate for your Garry's Mod Server

How to change the tickrate on your Garry's Mod Server

Using the Physgun Gamepanel it is incredibly easy to change the tickrate of your server. If you are not aware of what tickrate is basically it tells the server how much "fps" it can use, if your server is experiencing overloading due to unoptimized addons or other causes, lowering the tickrate is one of the best ways to make sure it's not constantly overloading.

Setting the tickrate for a GMod server is very easy, and we'll go over it real quick!

Changing the tickrate

You'll want to navigate to the Startup Parameters in the Physgun Gamepanel, these can be found on the sidebar under Configuration > Startup Parameters.

Afterwords you will see a box named Tickrate by default it should be on 22. This may seem low however with how many addons a server uses these days it is a very good middle ground making sure your server won't use all the resources it has.

To change the tickrate simply enter a new number into the Tickrate box
Afterwords click out of the box and it should save automatically!
Restart your server and your new tickrate will be set!

When do I need to raise/lower my tickrate?

This is a pretty complicated question but a frequently asked one.

The best way to diagnose this is by typing net_graph 4 into your Garry's Mod player console.
Afterwords watch the sv value, if it blinks red that means your server is using all the resources it can, your tickrate may need to be lowered in this case

Usually gamemodes such as DarkRP(or any variants such as StarwarsRP/HogwartsRP) use 33 tickrate at the maximum. Otherwise most servers use 22 or 16.
Just remember the lower your tickrate the slower the server.

For gamemodes such as TTT/Deathrun/Murder/Sandbox assuming you have few addons you can sometimes get your tickrate all the way to 66 at the maximum. Most TTT/Deathrun/Murder/Sandbox servers run on 66 or 33.

Updated on: 20/04/2023

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