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How to install XEON DRM

Installing XEON DRM onto your Garry's Mod Server

Xeon is a DRM for Billy's scripts such as bLogs, bWhitelist, etc.. It is required if you're going to use one of his addons.

Installing Xeon is incredibly easy, even more so with a Physgun Server using the Mod Manager we have built into our custom gamepanel!

Installing XEON DRM via Mod Manager (Easy)

Using Physgun's Mod Manager installing Xeon is as easy as 1-click, after that all you need to do is activate it in-game.

Follow the steps below to install Xeon DRM using the Mod Manager:
Go to Your Server on the gamepanel
Navigate to the Mod Manager Tools > Mod Manager
Scroll down until you find Xeon DRM then click Install
That's it! Restart your server and you will see it appear in console!

Installing Xeon DRM via Mod Manager

After you've installed Xeon DRM make sure to restart your server and check console for the "XEON" message.
It's very hard to miss.

Xeon Message in Console

You're finished! Xeon is now installed on the server and you can use any of Billy's addons that require it!

If you have a Physgun server you have access to bLogs, bWhitelist, bSits, bPhysgun for FREE - simply install them using the Mod Manager!

Installing XEON DRM (Manually)

If you've already installed Xeon DRM using the Mod Manager please skip this step.
Installing Xeon DRM manually is still fairly straight forward however it's way easier to install it using our Mod Manager with a Physgun Server.

Visit and click on "Download" make sure to connect your account if you haven't
Once on the download page please follow the instructions on the page to download the correct .dll file
After you've downloaded the correct file open your File Manager / SFTP / FTP and navigate to garrysmod/lua/bin/
Place the .dll file you downloaded into garrysmod/lua/bin/
Restart your server

Xeon DRM should now be activate on your server! Make sure to check the console for the message!

Note: Some hosts do NOT allow .dll files to be uploaded due to their systems being insecure!
(Physgun Hosting allows any .dll as our servers are sandboxed and secure giving you freedom to do as you please!)

Common Issues

If you didn't setup Xeon correctly or didn't install it correctly there are some pretty common issues lots of people run into that we'll cover here real quick!

Couldn't find garrysmod/lua/bin/gms_xeon_drm_linux.dll on your server!
This error means you did not install Xeon DRM properly or did not install it at all. Please follow the guide above for installation instructions!

[22:08:56] [xeon-drm-dll] addons/xeon-drm-dll/lua/autorun/server/xeon-drm-dll.lua:191: bad argument #2 to 'LinkServer' (string expected, got no value)
[22:08:56]   1. LinkServer - [C]:-1
[22:08:56]    2. func - addons/xeon-drm-dll/lua/autorun/server/xeon-drm-dll.lua:191
[22:08:56]     3. unknown - lua/includes/extensions/net.lua:38

This error means you need to update XEON to the latest version.

Updated on: 13/07/2023

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