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Changing the gamemode on your Garry's Mod Server

How to change the gamemode your server is using

This article will go over the very simple method we have at Physgun for setting your gamemode on your GMod Server!

Navigating to the Startup Parameters in the Physgun Gamepanel

First of all we'll have you navigate to the Physgun Gamepanel then please find the server you wish to change gamemodes on.

After that you can find the Startup Parameters under Configuration > Startup Parameters on the left navbar!

Navigating to the Startup Parameters

Changing the gamemode in your Startup Parameters

Now we can change the gamemode on your server, whatever gamemode you set in the Startup Parameters it will attempt to use!

Some of the more popular gamemodes include:
terrortown - Trouble in Terrorist Town
darkrp - DarkRP (needs to be installed)
murder - Murder (needs to be installed)
deathrun - Deathrun (needs to be installed)
sandbox - Sandbox, default gamemode

Changing the gamemode

After that click out of the text box and the gamemode you entered should automatically be saved!

You're done!

Congratulations your server should now be set to whichever gamemode you put in the gamemode box!

Make sure to restart your server for the gamemode to change!

Updated on: 27/04/2023

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