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How to install DarkRP

Installing DarkRP onto your Garry's Mod Server

Installing DarkRP is a pretty simple task especially with Physgun as we provide you with 1-click installs!

At Physgun we employ our advanced Mod Manager to allow you to 1-click install darkrp, along with darkrpmodifications!

Navigate to the Mod Manager for your server

To find the Mod Manager you'll want to click on the following: Tools > Mod Manager on the left sidebar in the gamepanel!

Once in the Mod Manager simply click the Install button on the DarkRP option
Now you have DarkRP installed! We still need to set the gamemode but that's very easy!

Installing DarkRP with the Physgun Mod Manager

Setting darkrp in the Startup Parameters

To find the Startup Parameters you'll want to click on the following: Configuration > Startup Parameters on the left sidebar in the gamepanel!

Once you've arrived in the Startup Parameters find the box called gamemode
By default it will be set to sandbox simply set it to darkrp and click out of the box to save!

Setting DarkRP Gamemode in the Startup Parameters

You're done!

Now you've completely installed DarkRP! The guide below will also help install darkrpmodifications which is essential if you want to configure darkrp!

Make sure to restart your server after installing darkrp and setting the startup parameters!

Updated on: 27/04/2023

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