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How to rename DarkRP.

Renaming DarkRP

You've probably noticed the DarkRP gamemode running under multiple different names during your time on Garry's Mod. So how do you rename DarkRP?

This article goes on the basis that you're using Physgun as your host (which you totally should). If you're not using Physgun, either switch now or use your smarts to figure out the gaps in knowledge.

For the sake of this tutorial we're going to be renaming DarkRP to StarWarsRP, but you can change the name to whatever you want really.

Step 1: Installing DarkRP

Installing DarkRP on Physgun is easier than breathing and quicker than a whip. On your server game panel, head to Tools -> Mod Manager. We offer one-click installs for both DarkRP and DarkRP Modification, so get those installed.

Installing DarkRP using Physgun Mod Manager

Step 2: Renaming the DarkRP Folder

Once you've installed DarkRP, head to Management -> File Manager and go to the following directory garrysmod -> gamemodes. There you'll find your "freshly served from GitHub" DarkRP folder. Hit the three dots on the folder in question, click Rename/Move and set the contents to /garrysmod/gamemodes/starwarsrp. Once you've done that, hit Submit.

As said before, you can name the folder to whatever you want. Just make sure it doesn't contain spaces, special characters and is lower case. For example, PoliceRP will need to be policerp.

Using the file manager to rename DarkRP

Step 3: Renaming the Gamemode

Now that we've renamed the folder, we need to tell Garry's Mod that the gamemode name has changed as well. Using File Manager, head into your newly renamed folder. In this folder, you'll find a file named darkrp.txt. Using the knowledge you've scored in the above step, rename that file to starwarsrp.txt. Once you've done that, click on the file to edit it. You'll then want to change the following lines:

Line 1: "darkrp" -> "starwarsrp"
Line 4: "title" "DarkRP" -> "title" "StarWarsRP"

Once you've done this, the file should look a bit like the screenshot below.

Using Physgun File Manager to edit starwarsrp.txt

Make sure that Line 1 is the same as the folder name as you set step 1 of this guide. Line 4 should be a capitalised version of the name. For example, policerp will need to be PoliceRP.

Save your newly edited file by pressing the Save File button in the bottom-right hand corner of the page.

Step 4: Editing the Startup Parameters

Once all the above steps are fufilled, you're finally ready to boot up your server. But first, you'll have to set your startup parameters to use the newly renamed gamemode. Head to Configuration -> Startup Parameters, find the Gamemode configuration option and set the value to starwarsrp. The configuration should automatically save.

The option you set the Gamemode configuration to should be the lower-case version of your gamemode name. Like we set on step 1 of this guide.

Configuring the startup parameters to use starwarsrp

Updated on: 27/04/2023

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