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Freeing up Disk Space

Cleaning up Disk Space for your Garry's Mod server

Sometimes your server can get a bit cluttered in the Disk Space department, and if your server reaches a certain limit it may not start.

This is an example of what it looks like when the disk space is maxed out on your game server.
[PHYSGUN] Not enough disk space! 15611M / 15000M
[PHYSGUN] Server marked as OFF
[PHYSGUN] A fatal error was encountered starting this server.

In this guide we'll go over steps to reducing your disk space usage, if you end up unfortunately hitting the space limit you can always upgrade your servers disk space.

Cleaning the steam_cache of unused addons

This is usually the issue most people run into, when addons download from your workshop collection they go into the steam_cache folder. However any unused addons are not automatically deleted but it's very easy to clean it out!

Simply follow these steps to clean your Workshop collection cache.
Go to the File Manager on your Physgun Gamepanel
Locate the folder called steam_cache and click on the ... button
Afterwords click the red Delete button on the steam_cache folder to delete the folder.

Deleting the steam_cache folder

Return to the Console page and Restart your server.
That's it! You should see your workshop addons being re-downloaded, all of the older addons have been removed and only the active ones will be redownloaded.

Active workshop items being redownloaded

Updated on: 09/06/2023

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