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How to install GmodAdminSuite

What is GmodAdminSuite?

GmodAdminSuite (known as GAS) is a fully kitted out suite for gmod, it is incredibly useful with features like custom commands, secondary user groups, and an fps booster!

Installing GmodAdminSuite is incredibly easy and even easier with the Physgun Mod Manager.

GAS IS REQUIRED FOR: bLogs, bWhitelist, bPhysgun, and bAdminSits

Installing GmodAdminSuite

We're going to go over the step by step process of installing the suite, it's incredibly fast and easy to do.

Add the GmodAdminSuite workshop item to your Servers' Collection
Add To Collection button on the Workshop page
You're done! GAS is now installed, only thing left to do is install the config addon from the Mod Manager. We explain that below.

Installing GmodAdminSuite Config

Now that we have GAS installed in our workshop collection we're going to install the configuration addon for GAS.

Visit your Physgun Server
Navigate to Tools > Mod Manager
Scroll until you find GmodAdminSuite Config this is usually under the GmodAdminSuite category.
Navigating to GmodAdminSuite Config in the Mod Manager
Click Install on the GmodAdminSuite Config addon
You're done! Now you have GAS and the GAS Config installed! Very simple and easy with Physgun!

You can find the GAS Config on your server located in the garrysmod/addons/gas-config folder.

Updated on: 15/09/2023

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