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How to install ULX

How to install ULX onto your Garry's Mod Server

An admin mod is one of the most important things for a Garry's Mod server! Luckily Physgun has you covered!

Installing ULX on Physgun is incredibly simple and easy with our advanced mod manager!

Navigate to the Physgun Mod Manager

You'll want to click on Your Server in the gamepanel and then you can find the mod manager under Tools > Mod Manager on the left sidebar!

After that scroll until you see the mod "ULX & ULib"
Then simply click "Install"!
Once installed restart your server and ULX will now be installed on your server!

Installing ULX using the Physgun Mod Manager

You're done!

Painless and simple only with Physgun, if you are looking for more information on ULX we have a couple guides listed below.

Guide: Setting yourself to superadmin with ULX

Updated on: 27/04/2023

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