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Installing DarkRP Modifications

Configuring DarkRP with darkrpmodifications

If you want to configure/modify any part of DarkRP you'll want to do it using the darkrpmodifications addon. It is very much not recommended to modify core DarkRP files, this is why darkrpmodifications exist!

With our advanced Mod Manager it is painless and easy to install darkrpmodifications to your Garry's Mod server!

Navigate to the Physgun Mod Manager

You'll want to click on Your Server in the gamepanel and then you can find the mod manager under Tools > Mod Manager on the left sidebar!

Once you're in the Mod Manager simply find the DarkRP Modification mod and click the "Install" button!
After it is installed you can navigate to /garrysmod/addons/darkrpmodifications to visit the files you can modify!

Installing DarkRP Modifications using the Mod Manager

You're done!

As always Physgun tries to make your experience as easy as possible, using darkrpmodifications you can now make things like jobs/ammo/etc..!

More guides will be created later such as: Creating jobs, creating new ammo, etc..!

Updated on: 27/04/2023

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