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How to create custom skins in Weapon Cosmetics

How to create custom skins for your server.

Creating custom skins is a significant and valuable feature included with Weapon Cosmetics because it lets you differentiate your server from others, giving you the ability to have unique skins.
However, this process is relatively more complex than the one used to create charms and stickers, which are configured in-game.

Installing Weapon Cosmetics

First of all, we are going to install Weapon Cosmetics. You'll want to click on Your Server in the game panel, and then you can find the mod manager under Tools > Mod Manager on the left sidebar!
After that, scroll down until you find "Brickwall - Weapon Customiser" . Then, just click on Install, and the addon will be installed!

Adding the required files for your skins!

Once we have installed Weapon Cosmetics, we will create our custom skins. Keep in mind that to do this, you will need:
A PNG file to use as the skin icon.
A material file that will serve as the skin material.

Once you have these files ready, follow the next steps:
Copy your PNG file into the following folder: garrysmod/addons/projectzero-weaponcustomiser/materials/project0/skin_images
Copy your material folder into garrysmod/addons/projectzero-weaponcustomiser/materials/
Add both of these files to your server FastDL.

Adding your custom skins!

Once we have copied the required files, we will proceed to add our custom skins. To do this, follow the next steps:

Head to your gamepanel and click File Manager.
In the File Manager, head to the following folder: garrysmod/addons/projectzero-weaponcustomiser/lua/projectzero/shared/sh_customiser_devconfig.lua
Scroll to the end of the file, and just before the last bracket, paste the following code:

[21] = {

        Name = "",
        Icon = "",
        Material = ""

Keep in Mind that the number will always have to bethe following number of the last skin, by default, there are 20 skins, so you will have to write 21, and for the consecutive skins, 22, 23, 24, 25....

Now, you must fill the variables; Name, Icon & Material with the following:

Name: The skin name
Icon: The icon route, in this case: garrysmod/addons/projectzero-weaponcustomiser/materials/project0/skin_images/filename.png
Material: The material route, in this case: garrysmod/addons/projectzero-weaponcustomiser/yourmaterialname

Finishing everything

After completing all the sections in this guide, you just have to restart your server for the skins to appear. Remember to add both the icon and material files to your FastDL or a Workshop addon. Else, your players won't be able to see them. You will be able to configure all the other options in-game.

Updated on: 06/09/2023

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