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How to install Billy's Whitelist (bWhitelist)

How to install Billy's Whitelist easy and for free using Physgun

Billy's Whitelist (known as bWhitelist) is the best whitelisting system for Garry's Mod roleplay servers. Performant, extensive and easy to use.

If you own a Physgun Server: bWhitelist is completely free


Before you continue please read the requirements before installing bWhitelist!
You will need the following addons installed:

XEON DRM - Click Here for Install Guide
GmodAdminSuite (GAS) - Click Here for Install Guide

Installing bWhitelist

This step by step guide will go over installing bWhitelist fast and quick using Physgun's Mod Manager.

Visit the Physgun Gamepanel and navigate to Your Server
Navigate to Tools > Mod Manager
Either scroll to or search for Billy's Whitelist (bWhitelist) Job Whitelisting System [DarkRP StarWarsRP]
Navigating to the bWhitelist addon in the Mod Manager
Click Install
You're done! Restart your server and bWhitelist will be installed!

After installing bWhitelist it will be located in your server under the folder garrysmod/addons/gmodadminsuite-jobwhitelist-1.3.3
Once in-game you can access it via the !gas command!

Updated on: 15/09/2023

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